The Last of Abdul

A Southern Expressionist Drama in 15 Scenes
By Clyde Coreil

This is the third play of a trilogy.
The first is After Isabel; the second is The End of Angelle

Simeon Cromier 65 years old, terminally ill head of the Cormier household and ex-puppeteer of national fame. Determined to tear down his house before he dies.
Noone Cormier 34 years old, daughter of Simeon, single, trying to hold together a family and a past that she values above all else. She opposes the destruction of the house.
Aubrey Cormier 30 years old, son of Simeon, mentally ill member of the defunct puppet show who returns from the hospital to see his father.
Thomas Morein 45 years old, long-time servant and assistant in the Cormier puppet show. A clever, wily man totally dedicated to Simeon.
Privette A local banker, anxious to take control of the Cormier residence and turn it into a museum. A minor character.


Time, Setting and Action for The Last of Abdul
     October, 1960. All scenes except the third take place in the Cormier residence. The Third scene takes place in the Homestead Parish Bank. This brief scene involves only an interview and requires only a pool of light. The action of the play is approximately a 24 hour period in early October.


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