The End of Angelle

A Play
By Clyde Coreil

This is the second play of a trilogy.
The first is After Isabel; the third is The Last of Abdul

Armina LeBlanc Daughter of Angelle, in her early twenties
Leonce Le Blanc Son of Angelle, in his mid-twenties
Paul LeBlanc Stepson of Angelle, a Catholic priest, in his mid-twenties
Hamson An inscrutable man in his late twenties

Angelle LeBlanc

Approximately sixty years old; played alternately by Armina and Leonce


Setting for The End of Angelle
     The play is set in the LeBlanc family residence, which was built in the early 1900's by the great-grandparents of its present occupants, Armina and Leonce. Comfortable yet stately, the house is of a design then popular among the middle-class descendants of the French Acadians who fled the British in Nova Scotia in the 18th century. Glass and heavy, dark wood are materials seen in many parts of the house. The windows of the living room are tall, and the central panes are clear, bordered by stained glass cut in geometrical patterns. All of the furnishings were bought shortly after the house was built and have been kept in good repair. The pst is considerably more in evidence than is the present, which is 1975. The action occurs early on an October evening and is virtually continuous.
     Only the living room need be represented by the set. Angelle's bedroom and Paul's bedroom are created by pools of light. There is a door in the right wall and two in the rear wall. The furniture is very clean and is well arranged.


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